Awarded to a Healthcare Company that had a positive influence to help
create a superior quality of life.



An distinction that acknowledges a Manufacturing Company that has had the most Economic Impact in Forsyth County in 2020.


‚ÄčThis award is given to the technology company that best exemplifies customer service and quality products that allow our citizens to better connect and do business.


An accolade awarded to the business that has had the most impact in Forsyth County in the tourism development. Examples of businesses include hotels/motels, tourist attractions

Local Restaurant 

Awarded to the local restaurant that found creative and innovative ways to do business and support our community this year

Community Leader

This award is given to the business leader who has shown what it means to be resilient through adversity while uplifting other members of the community at the same time.

Diversity & Inclusion

This award is designed to honor our businesses in our community who have shown extraordinary commitment to creating an environment of diversity and inclusion for their staff and customers.

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